How To Clean Your Heat Pump's Coils

HVAC systems are complicated, and most of your maintenance should be professionally handled. However, there are a lot of simple maintenance tasks that are actually very easy DIY projects. You don't need to have any HVAC experience or training to take a few preventative measures that could ultimately increase the efficiency of your system. At the very least, they can prevent serious problems from occurring. This article explains one of the easiest and most effective cleaning jobs you can do: clean your heat pump.

How Running Your Air Conditioner In Cooler Months Can Help Prepare For Winter

Who runs their air conditioning in autumn? Probably no one, unless you live far south and it is still quite warm well into October. So, why else would you run your air conditioner? Actually, running your air conditioner on the warmer setting can help prepare your home for winter and prevent health conditions. Here is how: Winter Is Dry, but A/C Conditions the Air Winter, despite all that snow and ice, is a very dry season.

How To Clean And Protect Your Coils

Do you feel like your air conditioner is not blowing cold air like it used to? If it feels like you're constantly adjusting the thermostat and trying to increase airflow, there could be a problem with the condenser unit. But, before you call in an HVAC technician to come service your system, you should see if you can fix the problem yourself. This article explains how you can clean the vital parts of your condenser unit to increase its output.

Why Your AC Filter Is Clogging Up Faster Than It Should

A dirty air conditioner (AC) filter can quickly send your AC's efficiency south. This is why you need to replace or wash the filters regularly. If the filters are getting dirty faster than normal, however, you should look for a solution beyond replacement or washing. First, it helps to know the reason for the accelerated clogging, which may include things like the following: Presence of a Pet Having a pet in the house is likely to increase the level of dirt and debris particles in the air; this is especially true of dogs and cats.

A/C System Getting Up There In Age? Here's How To Tell

Fine wines, iconic music, and great cooking recipes are just a few of the many things that get better with age. The same can't be said about your home's air conditioning system, however. If and when your A/C system starts to act its age, it can cause a wide variety of expensive and time-consuming problems. You can tell if old age is getting to your A/C system if it's experiencing the following issues.