How To Clean And Protect Your Coils

Do you feel like your air conditioner is not blowing cold air like it used to? If it feels like you're constantly adjusting the thermostat and trying to increase airflow, there could be a problem with the condenser unit. But, before you call in an HVAC technician to come service your system, you should see if you can fix the problem yourself. This article explains how you can clean the vital parts of your condenser unit to increase its output.

Importance of Clean Coils

The condenser usually needs more maintenance than other parts of your system, simply because it is on the outside of your house. Most importantly, the coils can get dirty, which can affect some key operations. When the coils get dirty, your system's ability to produce cold air is reduced. However, most people don't even know what or where the coils are, so they don't even know where to start when it comes to cleaning them. Luckily, the coils are right on the outside of the unit, and they are very easy to clean. They are the aluminum sheets that line the outside of the unit walls. You can see them directly behind the protective metal crate. The condensers have to be exposed in order to draw in outside air to cool down the fan. But, this also means that they can get quite dirty. Luckily, the coils are usually easy to clean with just a hose.

How to Clean the Coils

The condenser just needs to be off before you clean it. First, spray it down with a little bit of water pressure. If water alone doesn't wash out all the dirt, try using some basic household cleaner to help break down the dirt first. Let the cleaner soak into the coils for a bit before washing it out with moderate water pressure. Don't waste your time trying to scrub or rub the coils. In fact, this can bend and damage them. It is much better to just rely on a little bit of cleaner and water pressure to clean the coils.

Cleaning your coils is easy work, but you can also take some steps to protect them and prevent them from getting dirty. Most importantly, you should cover your condenser during the winter months when you are not running your AC. If you cover your coils during the winter, you will only need to clean them once very couple of years.

Contact air conditioning contractors in your area for additional advice.