How Running Your Air Conditioner In Cooler Months Can Help Prepare For Winter

Who runs their air conditioning in autumn? Probably no one, unless you live far south and it is still quite warm well into October. So, why else would you run your air conditioner? Actually, running your air conditioner on the warmer setting can help prepare your home for winter and prevent health conditions. Here is how:

Winter Is Dry, but A/C Conditions the Air

Winter, despite all that snow and ice, is a very dry season. Humidity is suspended in the frozen temperatures, preventing moisture from being released. Inside your home, that fact is compounded by heat, making the air inside doubly dry. You can feel it in your skin and the stiff, brittle feeling of your hair. If you run your A/C in fall, you can put more moisture into the air in your home, conditioning and preparing the indoor air for the dry winter. 

If you are concerned about making the house too cold, you can set your A/C at a much higher temperature. The cooling properties of the A/C do not kick in if you set your A/C above seventy-one degrees. Then the A/C does not attempt to cool your home in fall; only condition the air with humidity.

Bloody Noses Are Reduced

Many people suffer very dry nasal passages after they turn on the furnace. If you are one of those people, run your A/C for a little bit to inject moisture into the air. Then you can turn your furnace on low, and you will experience fewer bloody noses. Doing this can also help with dry skin, greasy scalp, and brittle feeling hair. (Of course, when you get forty-degree temperatures or below, you will not be able to run the A/C anymore, but in fall this works just fine.)

You Sleep Better

It is proof positive that if you sleep in a colder room, you sleep better too. The combination of cooler temperatures at night and your cozy blankets help you find a cozier and deeper sleep. Sleep professionals often recommend cooler and more moist temperatures in the bedroom for better rest, and however, you can achieve that until winter arrives is a good idea.

Your Body Adapts to Cooler and Cooler Temperatures

Have you ever noticed that after feeling the freezing temperatures of winter for several months how fifty-degree temperatures feel like summer to you? Your body spent those months adapting to the cold, expecting it, and becoming accustomed to it. You can use your A/C to help your body adapt faster to the cooler temps in fall in such a way that winter's first half will not feel quite so cold.

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