How To Clean Your Heat Pump's Coils

HVAC systems are complicated, and most of your maintenance should be professionally handled. However, there are a lot of simple maintenance tasks that are actually very easy DIY projects. You don't need to have any HVAC experience or training to take a few preventative measures that could ultimately increase the efficiency of your system. At the very least, they can prevent serious problems from occurring. This article explains one of the easiest and most effective cleaning jobs you can do: clean your heat pump. It is a simple project that is going to increase the lifespan of your large HVAC appliances, and make your system more patient.

The Importance of a Clean Heat Pump

Cleaning your heat pump is one of the most vital of HVAC maintenance. Many people just have professionals do this, but the process is so simple that there is no reason to pay a professional for the work. Also, the heat pump is located on the outside of your home where it can get battered by rain, wind, leaves, and other falling debris. Basically, of all the components in a central HVAC system, heat pump is probably the most vulnerable. Luckily, it is also one of the most accessible and easy to clean.

Cleaning your heat pump is usually easy as long as you have a hose and water. However, if you have never cleaned your heat pump, there is going to be some extra build up and stubborn dirt. If so, you might need to invest in coil cleaning solution and a coil brush. The evaporator coils, which are on the outside of the pump, are the most important elements to clean. The coils have thin ridges with small gaps between them. The space in between the ridges can catch dirt and debris, causing the coils to become less effective. Basically, these gaps are designed to enable heat to escape, but it unfortunately makes them susceptible to catching debris. So, you need to frequently clean out the space between the ridges to keep your evaporator coils and heat pump working as efficiently as possible.

Start off by just spraying out the coils with water. If water is not washing out all of the dirt, then you might need to use the cleaning solution. Basically, you spray the cleaning solution on to the metal and let it soak in for a bit to break down the dirt. Then, you wash it out.

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