Why Your AC Filter Is Clogging Up Faster Than It Should

A dirty air conditioner (AC) filter can quickly send your AC's efficiency south. This is why you need to replace or wash the filters regularly. If the filters are getting dirty faster than normal, however, you should look for a solution beyond replacement or washing. First, it helps to know the reason for the accelerated clogging, which may include things like the following: Presence of a Pet Having a pet in the house is likely to increase the level of dirt and debris particles in the air; this is especially true of dogs and cats.

A/C System Getting Up There In Age? Here's How To Tell

Fine wines, iconic music, and great cooking recipes are just a few of the many things that get better with age. The same can't be said about your home's air conditioning system, however. If and when your A/C system starts to act its age, it can cause a wide variety of expensive and time-consuming problems. You can tell if old age is getting to your A/C system if it's experiencing the following issues.

3 Keys To Your Residential Heating

In order to keep your home warm when winter gets here, you'll need to follow some important heating tips. The best thing you can do is shop for a heating system that you can count on not to fail you when it matters the most. By focusing on the following factors, you'll be able to shop for a heating system that will be best for your home. Use these guidelines and reach out to a company that can help you out

Which Fan To Use When: Boost Your AC's Cooling Power With The Right Appliance

Air conditioning's cooling power really is unsurpassed. However, sometimes your AC could use a little boost, not only to help cool the room down but to make that cooling power more efficient. In those cases, using a fan is one of the top choices, but you have to be sure you're using the right fan for the job. Your air conditioner has a built-in fan, but that will work as well as the cooling unit itself; what you need is a fan external to the system to help that cool air along.

3 Reasons To Hire One Plumber For All Your Long-Term Plumbing Needs

Wondering how to keep your plumbing system in great shape as time works on doing the opposite? One effective way to do so is to find a reliable plumber you can trust for all your long-term plumbing needs. Here's why: They'll Get to Know Your System One of the most important reasons to hire the same plumber for all your long-term plumbing needs is that they'll get to intimately know your system and can help ensure that it functions properly without the need for lots of repairs.