How To Handle An AC That's Only Cooling Part Of The House

As a homeowner, you will find yourself becoming quite good at diagnosing certain issues. Whether you chose the most expensive one available or bought a budget store brand, you should expect that a typical household appliance will malfunction at some point. One appliance whose malfunctions you should become familiar with is the AC. Many homeowners will crank up their cooling systems in summer, and all this hard work can result in one or two issues.

3 AC Problems Causing Your Heater To Turn On

With spring in full swing, most homeowners have turned off their furnaces and are beginning to think about relying on their air conditioning systems on warmer days. You expect that your AC unit will blow cold air when you turn it on, so it can be surprising to have your heater suddenly turn on again once you have switched over to your AC system. Your air conditioner and heater are closely linked, so malfunctions within the AC system could be causing your heater to engage.

4 Steps To Take Before Having Your Air Conditioner Installed

The heat of summer can make it hard to do anything. You have chores to do and hobbies to partake in, but high temperatures can easily sap your energy. Having an air conditioner installed in your house is an excellent choice. Here are four steps you should take before installation. 1. Measure your window. Window air conditioning units are the most popular variety of air conditioners. They come in different sizes, so make sure the AC you're purchasing will fit in your window before bringing it home.

Spring Into Action With This Furnace Spring Cleaning Checklist

Spring is nearly here, which means it's almost time to give your furnace a well-deserved break. But after months of nearly non-stop operation, your furnace could also use a good cleaning. A typical furnace gathers a surprising amount of dust and debris throughout its run, resulting in a heavy buildup that not only puts a drag on your furnace's performance but also spreads various allergens throughout the rest of your home.

Why You Should Work With One HVAC Company For All Of Your HVAC Needs

There might be multiple different HVAC contractor services in your area, and you might call different companies each time that something goes wrong. This might not seem like a bad idea, since it might seem like a way to find out about the services that different companies offer and to pay the lowest price for each type of service or repair that needs to be done. However, choosing one good HVAC company and sticking with that same company for all of your HVAC-related needs is often better for the reasons outlined here.