3 Important Reasons To Get An Electrician To Install A Whole House Surge Protector

There are a lot of things that can cause a power surge to occur in a home. Many individuals associate power surges with outdoor interferences such as severe weather or a transformer malfunctioning. However, many of the surges experienced are caused by indoor activities, and they commonly occur when robust appliances such as washing machines are turned on. 

Homeowners need to be aware that power surges can cause a lot of serious issues. Every home is subject to power surges, and some homes have them several times a day. They can last as short as a millisecond and go undetected. An issue such as the lights in a home dimming for a couple of seconds is likely a power surge too. Investing in a whole house surge protector is the best defense against protecting a home against surges. The following points highlight a few key benefits of making this investment.

Protect Against Short Surges

Many individuals assume that short surges like the ones that occur when lights dim are not serious. However, these short surges can cause damage over time. They could negatively impact the performance of expensive items that require electricity. Their lifespan may also be shortened. This is a common situation for items that stay plugged in. 

Prevent Damage to Appliances

Many homeowners likely notice a temporary change in their electricity when they use their appliances. They might have dismissed the occurrences as an electrical glitch and not realized the serious impact the surges can have over time. Some savvy individuals use plug-in surge protectors for this reason. These can be effective, but it is important to note that they only offer limited protection. They do not protect all items because they are designed to protect what is plugged into them. It is also possible for them to malfunction without the homeowner knowing.

Prevent Electrical Fires

This is the most serious consequence of power surges. Electrical fires can occur when wiring overheats. Many homes that experience frequent power surges have outdated electrical systems that are prone to arcing. Then arcs and sparks occur behind walls and can be the cause of an electrical fire. These fires can result in total property loss because they start hidden behind walls. By the time the homeowner realizes their home is on fire, it will likely be time to evacuate. An electrician can inspect electrical systems and make repairs and upgrades. 

An electrician is a good resource to use to learn more about whole-house surge protectors. They can explain the installation process and the options available. 

Reach out to a local electrician to learn more.