Change Is Good, Especially In Your HVAC System

If you have not updated your HVAC system in the last few years, you may be surprised at some of the technology that is now on the market. Manufacturers have responded to homeowners' demands for systems that will meet the homeowner's heating and cooling needs, as well as be more energy efficient. Some of these features allow your system to meet your needs without you having to do anything. If you are in the market for an HVAC system anytime in the near future, here are two pieces of the newer technology you will want to look for.

Scroll Compressors 

The majority of the energy your HVAC unit requires is used to power your compressor. As a means to lighten this load, several manufacturers have redesigned their units to use scroll compressors. These compressors have been shown to use as much as 30 percent less electricity than their piston driven cousins.

Scroll compressors, which are also called spiral compressors, scroll vacuum pumps, and scroll pumps, are unlike the traditional piston driven compressors that have been used in the past. Although they are still used to compress air or refrigerant, the manner in which they do so is much more energy efficient.

A scroll compressor has two scrolls. One is fixed and attached to the compressor body, while the other orbits, or spirals, around the fixed scroll. The orbiting scroll creates gas pockets, as well as assists these pockets in moving from the outer portion of the scroll to the inner portion of the scroll. As the gas pockets move, they become smaller, and the temperature and pressure increases until the gas is discharged. 

Because there are less moving parts than the piston driven compressors, they require less maintenance, are more reliable, and do not make as much noise. This will save you more money when it comes to repairs.

Variable speed fan motors

Have you ever wished your system would blow a little harder when you are trying to cool off your home, but blow slower when your temperature is comfortable? You can have this with variable speed fan motors. They will automatically adjust to deliver to you the airflow you need based on your comfort. By having variable speeds, there will be a more even delivery of air, which will result in more even comfortable temperatures throughout your home.

Do not confuse a variable speed fan motor with a multi-speed fan. These are not the same. A multi-speed fan comes with several speeds available, but you, or your HVAC installer will choose which speed your blower is hardwired at, and it will remain there permanently, or until this setting is professionally changed. 

A variable speed fan will automatically change speeds, or modes, based on the amount of air that is moving through your system ducts and vents. Most variable speed fans are designed with a type of intelligent design that allows them to sense the specific needs of the rooms in your home. When variable speed fans are combined with the right thermostats, not only will they control the level of heat in your home, but they can also control the level of humidity. 

The benefits of a variable speed fan motors include:

  • Continual air filtering
  • Temperature stability
  • Year round comfort
  • Energy efficiency

Before you upgrade, or install a new HVAC system, have an air conditioning contractor perform an audit of your existing system. They will review your duct work, as well as your home's floor plan, to help to determine the best system for you. For more information,  you can also go to sites of local HVAC companies.