How to Keep Your Water Heater from Exploding

Water heater explosions seem like the stuff of news segments and second-hand tales. However, they do happen and they usually happen due to poor maintenance. Here are a few things you should know to prevent your water heater from becoming a ticking time bomb. What Could Cause an Explosion? The most common cause of catastrophic water heater explosions involves excess water pressure. As your water heater produces hot water for your everyday usage, pressure builds up inside the water heater tank.

Hot Water Lovers: 3 Ways To Reduce Energy Costs With Plumbing Repairs

Having access to hot water is a great thing. If you love hot water, then you understand the great feeling that comes when taking a shower and finally reaching that optimal temperature. Accessing hot water in your home can use up a lot of energy, resulting in larger electric bills, wasted water, and a negative impact on the environment. Luckily, you can reduce all of these impacts and still have access to the hot water you seek by hiring a plumber, such as Laroc Refrigeration-Metal Division, for some upgrades and repairs.

Can't Afford A Professional Air Conditioning Service? Follow These Three Steps To Get Your Unit Ready For Summer

As the end of winter draws nearer, it is time to begin thinking about getting your air conditioning unit ready for summer. One of the best ways to do so is to have it professionally serviced in the springtime. Unfortunately though, if money is tight, this may be something that you simply can't afford to do at this time. While there are some things a professional will do that you can't do on your own, such as topping off the coolant, there are still many things you can do on your own to get your unit ready for summer.

How To Troubleshoot Fuel Supply Issues With Your Oil Boiler

Oil boilers can seem temperamental at times, and this is one reason why it is important to work with a heating contractor who can complete general maintenance every year before the heating season begins. Even if maintenance is performed though, you may still run into some smaller problems throughout the winter that leave you without heat. Oil supply problems are often the culprit if your oil boiler suddenly will not run. If you are experiencing this issue, then keep reading to learn about the things you can do to swiftly correct the problem.

Heat Pump Keeps Cycling Off And On? Repair It With These Tips

If your heat pump cycles off and on every few minutes, there may be a problem with the dual start capacitor. The capacitor gives the heat pump extra power when it first comes on, runs into electrical problems, or needs to push through extreme weather conditions, such as unexpected cold spells. Sometimes, the capacitor can develop rust and break down. If any of the issues occur, the heat pump no longer has the extra power boost it needs to stay operational.