Heat Pump Keeps Cycling Off And On? Repair It With These Tips

If your heat pump cycles off and on every few minutes, there may be a problem with the dual start capacitor. The capacitor gives the heat pump extra power when it first comes on, runs into electrical problems, or needs to push through extreme weather conditions, such as unexpected cold spells. Sometimes, the capacitor can develop rust and break down. If any of the issues occur, the heat pump no longer has the extra power boost it needs to stay operational.

How To Tell When It Is Time To Get Rid Of Your Old Central Air Unit

Most people just keep their old, trusty air conditioner until it dies completely. But then their budget is out of sync for months while they scramble to pay for emergency services and a new unit. Often, it is a better financial choice to give up on your old air conditioner long before the fans spins for the last time. Here are the questions you should ask yourself to determine if you should buy a new air conditioner this year.

Three Tips For Protecting Your Air Conditioner During Winter

While central air conditioners are all-weather machines built to withstand the outdoor elements, taking time to prepare these units for seasonal changes can minimize the risk of damage from weather-related issues such as rusting. Here are three things you can do to winterize your air conditioner so it emerges from the cold season healthy and ready to work in the spring. Clean the Unit and the Area Around It Start winterizing your unit by cleaning the air conditioner as well as the area around it.

How Can You Child- (And Teen-) Proof Your Home's Plumbing?

If you're like many parents, your efforts at child-proofing may have primarily consisted of removing or restricting items your child has recently become able to access -- placing corner guards on furniture after your child's first bump or bruise, putting up baby gates after your child has scooted up the stairs while your back was turned, and installing childproof doorknobs after your child has escaped onto the front porch. However, there are several preventive measures you can put into place now that will help protect your plumbing until your child-rearing years are long behind you.

A Balancing Act: Adjusting Airflow From Your AC

If you have central air, you may have noticed that some rooms remain hotter than others when you are running the air conditioning. There are many factors, such as the number and location of windows in the room or the presence of a frequently used outside door, that can affect how well your AC cools a room. Tweaking the airflow in your duct work to compensate for these factors will keep you and your family more comfortable and help to even out the temperature in your home.