Is It Worth Installing Central Air?

When you hear the words "air conditioning" what comes to mind? Many people think of a big, central air conditioning unit. But if you still have a window air conditioning unit, this is probably what you picture. Window air conditioners do have their place. They are inexpensive, and they work well if you're renting and don't have the option of installing central air. However, if you do have the option of getting a central air conditioner installation, doing so is usually a smart choice. Here's why.

Your whole home will stay cool.

Sure, you could put a window air conditioning unit in every room and enjoy cool air throughout your whole home. But most people do not actually purchase and install more than a couple of window units, which means they have hot rooms and cold rooms in their homes. The heat from the hot rooms can then spill over into the cooled rooms, and then they won't even be as cool as you'd like them to be! If you install a central air system, every room in your home can be cool. You won't find yourself deciding where to spend your time based on your heat tolerance.

You won't have to store window units.

Window units are bulky to store. They can take up a whole corner of a spare room, and you don't typically want to store them in a shed where they could be exposed to the elements. If you instead install a central air conditioning unit, you can sell your window units and stop worrying about storing them. This will free up space for other things.

You won't have to install window units.

You should not leave window air conditioners in place through the winter when they'll be exposed to snow. Of course, this means installing them anew every spring, which can take a lot of time and effort. You won't have to do this again once you get central air. This means no more worrying about dropping the AC unit on your toe or falling from the window as you try to wrestle it into place.

Installing central air conditioning is almost always worth the investment. Get a few quotes from air conditioning installers near you, and go from there. You may qualify for some rebates or discounts. You'll enjoy having a cooler space, not having to store window units, and not having to re-install your window air conditioners every spring.