Has Your AC Unit's Performance Decreased? 3 Signs It Needs Repairs

While temperatures in certain localities remain relatively conducive for most of the time each year, a reliable air conditioning system is necessary to maintain a comfortable temperature, especially in summer. Unfortunately, even the finest AC systems occasionally experience glitches or breakdowns. Below are early indicators that your air conditioning unit is unreliable and in need of professional service and maintenance.

Inadequate Cooling

Inadequate ventilation is one of the most apparent indicators of an unreliable air conditioning unit. Cooling issues often result from low refrigerant amounts, which prohibit your device from adequately cooling the interior of your house. The problem may appear at any time of the year, but it's more apparent in the summer when you use the air conditioning more often. 

If the air conditioner is not cooling your home well, you may need to operate it for more extended periods than usual to maintain a decent temperature. Unfortunately, this will raise the energy bills, and you will still not get the desired cooling benefits. To resolve this problem, contact an AC technician to inspect the unit for leaks or any other problem that makes it inefficient. 

An Inaccurate Thermostat

Problems with the thermostat sensor of the AC unit could occur if the thermostat is incorrectly set. When this happens, you will not get the temperature range that your usual settings have. This means that an air conditioning specialist needs to inspect the thermostat and ensure it operates correctly. 

They will quickly repair or replace the malfunctioning sensor or thermostat system if they detect one. The AC technician might also configure the unit's thermostat to help you save money on your energy bills. They may also let you know where you could get a quality programmable thermostat to replace the old one.

Clogged AC Filters

Air conditioning systems use air filters to maintain a constant supply of cool and clean air and keep dust and other contaminants from clogging them. However, these filters will block and get filthy over time. If your air conditioner is not operating at peak performance, you may need to clean or repair your air filters. 

Dirty air filters may also cause soil and debris to accumulate on the coils of your AC device. When this happens, the unit will not efficiently cool your home. If the filters aren't replaced or cleaned at the right time, the unit might stop functioning altogether. However, you can avoid this by contacting a technician to check if the filters are clogged or damaged in any other way. 

By maintaining the optimal performance of your air conditioner, you maintain safety and health, extend its useful life, and save more money on costly maintenance and replacement. However, it's good to note that this only happens when you leave the AC service to a professional technician.