Furnace On The Fritz? Two Troubleshooting Tips For Residential Heating

With the arrival of winter, it is important to make sure that your residential heating source is working properly. The best way to keep it that way is regular maintenance checks, at least once annually. Furnaces that are nearing the ten-year mark may need to be checked more frequently to keep running smoothly. However, even with regular checks, things tend to go wrong due to malfunctions or wear and tear. This guide goes over some common issues and how to fix them.

Abnormal Noises

The heating unit makes noises as it kicks on and while it is running. You will get used to these sounds after a while. So when the unit starts to make strange noises, you will recognize them as not normal. These noises usually point to a problem in the furnace.


A squealing noise coming from the furnace points to an issue with the belt. Make sure the power to the appliance is off and then access the inside of it by removing the front panel. Locate the belt and inspect it. If it is hanging out of position, you can stretch it back into place. If the belt has slipped completely off due to damage, you need to purchase a new one and replace it.


Thumping sounds from the furnace may mean that the blower wheel has become unbalanced. To solve this, you will need to determine which side is uneven: the pulley or the opposite side. After you find the uneven side, tighten up the setscrew so the blower wheel sits evenly again.

Insufficient Heat

Insufficient heat in the home means that there is a problem with the unit or ventilation system.


Vents are situated throughout the property and push the hot air into the rooms of the home. Check your vents in a room if you notice one that is cool while all the other rooms are warm. The vent should be open as far as it will go. There should not be rugs, furniture, clothes, or any other object blocking it.


Filters on the heating unit become dirty while the furnace is running. When the filter becomes too dirty, it prohibits proper airflow. The furnace cannot push the air throughout the house as it should and may work harder than normal, leading to issues with the appliance. Clean and replace your filter on a regular basis to keep the air flowing through the system.

If you are having an issue with your residential furnace, contact a residential furnace repair service.