Be Prepared: How to Prevent Air Conditioner Fires This Summer

Summer temperatures have arrived. It's time to get your air conditioner in order. If you'll need to use your air conditioner every day, take steps to avoid electrical fires. You might not realize this but your air conditioner can catch fire. This is especially true if it isn't cared for. Here are some steps you can take to reduce your risk of air conditioner fires this summer. 

Clean Your AC

If you see an accumulation of dirt and dust on your air conditioner, have it cleaned before summer arrives. Dirt and dust might not seem dangerous, but they can start a fire in your air conditioner. This is especially true if the coils and fins are coated with dirt. Your air conditioner depends on air flow to work. Dirt and dust stop your air conditioner from getting the air it needs. That means your air conditioner will overheat. If the overheating continues for too long, your air conditioner may catch fire. Reduce the risk. Have your air conditioner cleaned as soon as possible. 

Avoid DIY Repairs

You may think that you'll save money with DIY repairs. But, that's not the case. Most air conditioner repairs need professional handling, especially where parts are concerned. If you choose the wrong parts, or install them wrong, your risk for an AC fire increases. Not only that, but you might overlook faulty parts during your repairs. Those issues increase your risk for air conditioner fires. Protect your air conditioner and your family. Make sure that all repairs get taken care of by a professional ac repair technician. 

Watch for Electrical Issues

When you start using your air conditioner this summer, watch for electrical issues. Problems with wiring can lead to air conditioner fires. Before you turn your air conditioner on for the first time this summer, inspect the wires. If any of them are frayed, loose, or damaged, contact your HVAC repair technician right away. These repairs need to be taken care of before you can use your air conditioner. 

Keep the Area Clear

You may use the area around your air conditioning unit as extra storage space. That's one of the worst things that can be done with an air conditioner. When you store combustible items near your air conditioner, you put yourself at risk for fires. You might know not to store flammable liquids around your air conditioner. But, there are other items than can pose a fire risk as well. Some of those items include paper and cardboard. It's also important to keep dry leaves and grass away from your air conditioner. Reduce your risk for air conditioner fires. Keep the area around your AC clear at all times.