Keep The Condenser Fins Open And Clear So Your AC Gets Enough Airflow To Keep You Cool

You probably know how important it is to have annual air conditioning maintenance when you want your AC to have a long life and not break down during a heat wave. In addition to having your AC serviced by a technician, there are things you can do to help your air conditioner make it through the summer. One of those things is to keep the fins on the outdoor condenser clean and straight. Here are some tips for doing that.

Check The Fins For Debris Regularly

It's a good practice to check the outdoor AC unit regularly. A quick check when you mow the yard could be all it takes to keep your AC in good shape. When you have an annual service call, the technician will straighten and clean the fins, and it's possible you won't have to do anything but check them occasionally after that. However, if the fins get clogged or bent, you'll want to know so you can fix the problem before it affects your air conditioner.

Wash The Fins

The fins can collect dirt and grass clippings over the course of the summer. If they seem to be dirty, you can clean them with a hose. If it's possible and you know how, lift the cage top so you can wash the fins from the inside so the debris is pushed out on the grass rather than inside the cage. Just be sure to turn the power off to the unit first. When you wash the fins, use low water pressure so the fins don't get bent. Also, avoid rubbing the fins as this could bend them and block airflow.

Straighten The Fins

The fins are made of thin strips of metal, and they can bend over easily. Once they're bent, they stay that way until they are straightened out. When they bend, they block airflow, and that can cause your AC to struggle. You should straighten fins when you discover they're bent. You can do this by running a small knife between the fins. If there are more than just a few fins bent, it's best to buy a fin comb from the home improvement store so you can open up several at once and the job won't be so tedious.

Air conditioning maintenance involves many other steps, but keeping the fins open and clean is one of the few things you can do yourself between service calls. The maintenance doesn't take a lot of time and it could make a big difference in how well your AC cools your home.

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