How To Handle An AC That's Only Cooling Part Of The House

As a homeowner, you will find yourself becoming quite good at diagnosing certain issues. Whether you chose the most expensive one available or bought a budget store brand, you should expect that a typical household appliance will malfunction at some point.

One appliance whose malfunctions you should become familiar with is the AC. Many homeowners will crank up their cooling systems in summer, and all this hard work can result in one or two issues. When it comes to ACs, an issue that's quite common is finding that your AC only cools part of your house. What are the possible reasons behind this?

Check the Thermostat

If other parts of your house are being cooled, the thermostat setting for the affected parts might be wrong. Some buildings have zonal cooling, which allows the AC to handle the cooling needs of different parts of the house separately. If the temperature setting for one of these zones is different or if the thermostat has an issue, they may not be cooled by the AC. This is an issue that can be corrected by changing the thermostat setting, however, replacing a malfunctioning thermostat will require an expert.

Check for a Blocked Duct or Vent

Another reason why a part of your house may not be getting cooled is a blocked duct vent. Check if there's any air coming out of the vent when the AC is turned on. If a duct is accidentally crushed or if a small rodent finds its way in there, it can become blocked. Vents can be blocked by furniture, dust build up, and various other things.

Consider Recent Changes

If you just completed a new extension for your house and connected it to your existing central cooling system, this might be the source of your problems. It's quite likely that the cooling needs of the new square footage within your home are more than your air conditioner can handle. In such instances, some rooms may not be cooled adequately.

Check for Leaks

Another simple reason why some parts of your house might not be getting cooled is the presence of leaks in the ductwork. If there are leaks in your duct, the cool air will be escaping before getting to certain parts of the house. You may need an AC repair expert to locate certain leaks, but fixing them should be fairly simple if you can reach the leaks.

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