4 Steps To Take Before Having Your Air Conditioner Installed

The heat of summer can make it hard to do anything. You have chores to do and hobbies to partake in, but high temperatures can easily sap your energy. Having an air conditioner installed in your house is an excellent choice. Here are four steps you should take before installation.

1. Measure your window.

Window air conditioning units are the most popular variety of air conditioners. They come in different sizes, so make sure the AC you're purchasing will fit in your window before bringing it home. You can use any tape measure for this job, but a stiff tape measure that locks will make this task easier.

2. Choose the right air conditioner.

Once you know the size you need, there are still other factors to consider. Air conditioning costs can quickly add up if your AC isn't cost effective. Look for Energy Star rated air conditioners, since those are most efficient and will cost less money to run. The cooling power of an AC unit is measured in British Thermal Units. A greater number of BTUs means more cooling power, but don't choose an AC with high BTUs to cool a small room. 

According to Home Depot, you should choose an AC with higher BTUs to accommodate rooms that hold multiple people or rooms with a heat source, such as the oven in your kitchen.

3. Let the air conditioner sit upright for at least 24 hours.

When you bring your air conditioner home, try not to turn it on its side, if possible. If you do, the coolant inside can travel into parts of the air conditioner where it doesn't belong. If you turn on the air conditioner when it's in this state, you may cause permanent damage to the motor. If you're not sure how the air conditioner was handled, it's best to let it sit undisturbed for a full day before you attempt to use it.

4. Call an air conditioning installation service.

Finally, call an air conditioning installation service to safely and reliably install your AC unit. Installing a window AC unit yourself requires balancing the air conditioner on the window sill while you secure it. It's easy to drop the air conditioner when trying to install it yourself, which can cause severe damage to the unit, requiring you to purchase a new one. Air condition installation experts can install your AC in a single afternoon, so you can enjoy cool air as soon as possible.