A Ductless Air Conditioner Turns Your Garage Into Extra Living Space

If you have a garage that you want to use as a craft room or workshop rather than use it to store a vehicle, then you'll probably need a way to cool the space so you're comfortable working in it during the summer. One good option to consider is having a ductless air conditioner installed. A ductless air conditioning system can also produce heat so you can use the garage any hour of the day all year long. Here's why a ductless AC is better than some of the other options.

A Ductless AC Takes Up Little Space

The main part of a ductless air conditioner sits outside like the condenser for your house HVAC does. This part connects to a blower inside the house that is mounted high on the wall so it is out of the way. This is a much more convenient way to cool the space, especially if you have a small garage. There won't be a big portable unit in the way and you won't have a bulky window or wall unit that hangs outside the wall and is a potential security hazard.

A Ductless System Is Safe

Local codes may prohibit connecting your garage to your existing home air conditioning ducts due to the risk of circulating toxic fumes through your home. A ductless AC for your garage is isolated from the rest of your house so the air isn't shared. The system doesn't even use ducts. The blower connects directly to the condenser with tubing that runs through small holes in the wall.

A Ductless System Is Powerful And Effective

It may be difficult to get your garage comfortable in the summer with a window unit if your garage is very large. You may need to install multiple units and that drives up the cost of cooling the space. A ductless air conditioner is very efficient so it is affordable to operate. Plus, it is powerful enough to cool the entire garage.

These systems are used to cool whole houses, so if you buy the right size then your garage will have complete climate comfort. However, you'll also want to add insulation to the ceiling, floor, and walls to help the AC work more efficiently. You may also want to insulate the garage door if it didn't come insulated from the manufacturer.

A ductless air conditioner costs more than a window or portable AC unit, but you'll get much better results. Consider how much you'll use the space when deciding if it's a good investment. If you plan to work in the garage every day, then you'll definitely want it to be comfortable. Plus, with the space climate controlled, you'll be able to use it for other things like food storage, a place for kids to watch TV or play pool, and even a refuge for your pets to play when they can't go outdoors.

Having climate controlled space is worth the cost because it adds extra living area to your home. If you don't care about using the garage to store your car, then it's just wasted space that could be put to good use once you find a way to keep it nice and cool in the summer.