Things To Consider When Upgrading Your Old AC

If you've had your central air conditioner for many years, it could be time to consider having it replaced. Upgrading might be a better use of your money than spending money for repairs and maintenance on an old unit. The good news is that newer air conditioners are more efficient than those made years ago, so you might see a lower power bill once you upgrade. Here are some things to think about when considering an AC upgrade.

Have The Size Calculated

Don't buy one based on the size you have now or the size you think you'll need based on the way your old one performed. An HVAC technician can calculate the best size for your home by taking a wide range of factors into consideration. This makes choosing the size a more precise decision and ensures the unit will cool your home in the most efficient manner.

Decide If You'll Replace The Air Handler Too

If your entire system is the same age, then it makes sense to replace all of it when you need to upgrade your AC. It might be possible to upgrade only the outdoor condenser unit, but it's best to replace the indoor air handler at the same time too. You might run into further problems by connecting a new condenser to an old air handler since air conditioning systems have advanced over the years. By changing both, you know they'll work well together and be as energy efficient as possible.

Consider The Ducts

If the ducts in your home are in good shape, you might be able to keep them. However, if they're damaged, they might need to be replaced so cool air isn't lost in the attic. Dirty ducts can be cleaned and minor damage can be repaired, but coil ducts that have rodent damage or mold may need to be replaced entirely. Also, if you increase or decrease the size of your AC, then the ducts may need to be changed to a different size accordingly. Plus, if you have flexible ducts, you may want to upgrade to rigid metal ducts for improved efficiency and durability.

Once your new air conditioner is installed, you should notice a difference in your comfort if your old system was inefficient or struggled to keep up with the heat. Staying cool on a hot day makes investing in a new air conditioner worthwhile. Just be sure to keep up with routine maintenance and yearly service checks so your new AC lasts a long time and you get good value for your money.