Have Your Restaurant's Central Heating Unit Serviced

If you are the owner of a family style restaurant, ensuring that your patrons and waitstaff are comfortable during their time inside of the establishment is a priority. A central heating system can malfunction without any warning, especially if you didn't have the unit maintained on a routine basis. Use the tips below to assist with having the unit serviced and keeping it in operable order. 

Make The Appointment A Priority

It isn't practical to open your establishment if you are unable to heat the premises. Contact a heating and cooling technician such as one at Ongaro And Sons who provides after hour services or who can inspect the central heating system in the next day or two.

When the technician arrives for the service appointment, show them where the heating unit, vents, and thermostat are located and explain in detail how the unit operated prior to the current problem. A technician can determine if the unit's motor is broken or if the problem pertains to a small component of the heating system or thermostat. 

Learn About Energy Efficient Options

If the unit or some of its main components need to be replaced, request informaton about energy efficient options so that the restaurant will be heated sufficiently, but you will not need to worry about an increase in your energy bill. A technician will suggest some products and can provide you with a cost analysis that compares each amount with other heating products that are on the market.

After deciding upon new heating components or a brand new heater, the technician will complete the installation of the item or items. Your heating unit will be turned on before the end of the service appointment to ensure that heat is blowing through each vent in the restaurant. 

Inspect And Clean The Unit And Vents On A Monthly Basis

The technician will teach you how to keep the unit and vents maintained in between service appointments. Each month, inspect and clean the heating unit and vents if you notice that dust is covering portions of them. Before removing the dust, disconnect the power to the heating unit.

A brush or hose attachment can be used to loosen and remove surface dust. Remove the vent covers and vacuum boths sides of each one. Use a brush or hose attchment to clean the vent openings. Secure the covers and turn on the heating unit when you have finished the cleaning steps.