Does Your Heater Keep Kicking Off And On? 3 Possible Causes Of Rapid Cycling

You know that heaters turn off and on occasionally, and they can even do so multiple times an hour in the cold season. However, you've recently noticed that the heater at your boyfriend's house seems to kick on and off excessively. Not only is the noise annoying, but the heater may also be ineffective at getting enough heat to flow throughout the house. To get to the root of the problem, consider these possible reasons for rapid cycling that could require your boyfriend to arrange for heating system services to get it back to normal.

The Filter is Dirty

Heating systems have filters that help to filter out particles from the air that are bad for the system and the indoor air quality. Depending upon the type of unit that your boyfriend has, the filter should be changed about every one to three months. If it isn't changed regularly, clogs develop that can cause the system to overheat. When this happens, the temperature limit switch is triggered, and the unit shuts down until it cools off again. Help your boyfriend check the air filter. If it's clear, then there could be a clog in another area of the system that requires professional attention.

The Thermostat is Malfunctioning

Sometimes, the problem isn't the actual heating unit. Thermostat issues can also cause the heater to rapid cycle. Check to make sure that the temperature setting is where it is supposed to be since the controls can sometimes be bumped if they are in a prominent location on the wall. Then, you may need to have your boyfriend consider the placement of the thermostat. Ones that are placed too close to doors or windows can pick up drafts that cause the system to turn on, even when the rest of the house is perfectly warm.

The System is the Wrong Size

Systems that are too big or too small for the property can also struggle to keep up with the demand for warm air. Properly sizing units is a critical component of heating system installation, and it's possible that someone made an incorrect judgment at some point when the original unit was installed. If your boyfriend claims that the system has always worked this way, then its worth having a heating professional come out to assess the size and efficiency of the unit.

Few things are more annoying than constantly feeling either hot or cold with no comfort in between. Unfortunately, heaters that get stuck short cycling fail to regulate indoor temperatures properly. By knowing a few of the possible reasons why your boyfriend's heating system is malfunctioning, you can convince him to take action to arrange for repairs.