3 Reasons For Air Conditioner Cooling Problems

Do you lose a substantial amount of sleep at night because it is always too hot to get comfortable? If the problem exists because the central air conditioner doesn't get as cool as it should, try to get the problem repaired by a technician. A professional will know which areas of the system to focus his or her inspection on based on the problems. Repairs can usually be made in a timely matter if the system doesn't need to be replaced altogether. this article provides an explanation of the problems that can cause an air conditioner to not get cool.

1. The Thermostat Must Be Recalibrated

If your thermostat isn't calibrated correctly, it might not be functioning as it should. It is possible for a technician to attempt recalibrating the thermostat to see if the problem resolves. A thermostat that is in need of being recalibrated will usually not reach a cool level no matter how low the temperature is set. If the theremostat is unable to be repaired after a technician has attempted to recalibrate it, you will likely need a new one. He or she might simply need to program the thermostat if you have one of the modern models.

2. System Refrigerant is Low

System Refrigerant is needed for air to come through the system at a cold temperature. The feel of the air in your house when the system is running might feel stickier than usual when the refrigerant level is low. The reason why is because a lack of refrigerant leads to humidity level being higher because the system is unable to keep it under control. A refrigerant problem can usually be resolved by hiring a technician to recharge it. The system might need more coolant, or might possible have a leak that must be repaired.

3. There is Ice On the Evaporator Coil

The evaporator coil is important for removing heat from warm air. However, the coil might stop functioning if no air flows through it for a long time. Basically, a lack of air can lead to the coil freezing up and developing a lot of ice. If airflow has been interrupted, it might be because the system filter is too dirty for it to pass through. Get the filter changed or cleaned to see if it fixes the problem, or you might need to hire an air condition repair technician to thoroughly clean all of the air ducts.