Steps For Avoiding Problems With Your Heating System

Keeping a house cozy and comfortable can be a challenge when it is extremely cold outside. While homeowners may assume that their heating systems will keep their houses warm, there can be numerous issues that can compromise the ability of your heating system to warm your house.

Have Your Heating Unit Professionally Tested And Serviced

Reducing the likelihood that your heating system experiences problems will require you to schedule it for a yearly servicing. While these visits are necessary regardless of whether you have a gas, oil or electric system. However, it can be particularly important for oil and gas heating systems as failure to maintain these systems can pose a fire and health hazard. When a combustion heating system is not regularly serviced, it will start to accumulate large amounts of residue, which can block the exhaust, burner and other components of the system. During a cleaning, these residues will be scrubbed from the system so that it can function at peak efficiency.

Stop Drafts From Doors And Windows

Drafts can significantly reduce the effectiveness of your heating system as the drafts can allow large amounts of cold air into the house. Sadly, homeowners often assume that these drafts can not be stopped without major structural work, such as replacing the windows or doors. However, it is often possible to greatly reduce or eliminate the drafts that come from these gaps by placing weather stripping along these gaps or using caulk to fill them.

Use Your Window Blinds And Curtains To Help Manage Your Home's Temperature

It is common to simply assume that a home's curtains and blinds are strictly for managing the amount of light in the home's interior. However, they can also be used to help manage your home's temperature. For example, you can close the curtains and blinds during the overnight hour as well on days when it is particularly cold or overcast. By closing the curtains and blinds, they can act as insulation, which will prevent the windows from convectively cooling the air that is in contact with the glass.

A warm home is important for keeping your family comfortable, but it can be easy to overlook the necessary steps that you should be taking. Appreciating the importance of servicing heating units, closing any drafts that may be present in the doors and windows as well a closing your blinds and curtains at night can allow you to reduce the expenses and challenges of keeping your house cozy.

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